Damn the Weather, Man – Press This from Jennifer Butler Basile’s Chopping Potatoes


IceStormJen’s words perfectly describe how a lot of us New Englanders feel about this time of year, especially those of us who are struggling to live in the moment and not let anxiety get the best of us. Yes that’s me, especially as I pause between career opportunities (aka laid off).

Great writing Jen!

Damn the Weather, Man.

Do You Hear What I Hear?



I was drawn to this post because of the NASA photo associated with this blog post – I love astronomy despite my lack of knowledge – and for some reason these pictures seem like ‘home’ to me. But as I read on and realized that turning 50 is entering old age (what??!) I found more in common with the author. A nice read and something to think about when we feel like the world only turns for us.

Originally posted on the Art of Practice:

Our two dogs are of varying intelligence and thus responsiveness to our commands. One “off” moves the smart gal from my lap, while the oh-so-lovable-but-slow canine continues to warm my thighs until dumped to the ground.

Their barking has become annoying:  yapYAPyapYAP until the source of  inspiration either disappears from view (other dogs out for a walk, meandering cat, saucy squirrel) or has been thoroughly sniffed (friends who come to the door). Our lovely neighbors, cyclists who pedal up and down the Virginia mountains for dozens of miles, suggested using their “dazzer” to control the barking.

The Dazzer emits an unpleasant sound, audible only in the doggie range. One zap and the smart dog understood and now ceases barking promptly when told, “no bark.” The other dog continues to bark despite the command — and will do so until the Dazzer is used. Which of course is unfair to the…

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“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” Marathon Reading


Join me and a whole  bunch of other people in the marathon reading of Uncle Tom’s Cabin beginning on Wednesday March 19th at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center in Hartford, CT.  If you can’t read it in person you can do a live or pre-recorded Skype reading.

The folks from the Stowe Center were at the Big Book Getaway at Mohegan Sun last month, and as I spoke to them, I realized what a unique and amazing opportunity this is, to read from the book that opened so many eyes to the brutality of slavery in the United States.

Please join me in person, or virtually if you can in celebrating this historic event.


The Big Book Club Getaway at Mohegan Sun

The Big Book Club Getaway at Mohegan Sun

I will be there on February 22nd, along with a whole bunch of my Rhode Island Author colleagues and friends.  PJ O’Rourke, Debbie Macomber and… Dr. Ruth Westheimer are the featured authors, which should be interesting to say the least.  There are also 20 workshops/talks being offered.

I am a proud member of the pretty new ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors), and a bunch of us will be there with copies of our books for sale.

So if you’re in the area take a stop in!

Come to the Big Book Club Getaway at Mohegan Sun this Weekend!

Video for A Girl From the Hill


Okay I may have not done the best job here, but I needed to put a video together quickly for the Unicorn Writers Conference in March, where copies of A Girl from the Hill will be available for sale. I’m very excited about the opportunity to participate in this great conference again, and this time from a real live author standpoint.

Please let me know what you think of the video – it kind of blips off at the end and it’s just a simple slide show with music, but this is not my foray at all.

Also, if you’re interested in attending the conference in Portland CT this March, here is the link to their site. There are workshops, Editors, Agents, all there to help new writers get started.


Elvis Radio


IThe Comeback’ve been listening to a lot of Elvis lately.  The all Elvis satellite radio station blares in my car most mornings, much to Julia’s dismay.  After dropping her off I often indulge more in Elvis the religion, the god.  I get pumped listening to Suspicious Minds, I listen to the testimonials of people touched by The King, whether a lei or a lay, that play in between medly’s, live performances from Vegas, and interviews with this soft-spoken, sweet humble sounding man with a cute, giggly laugh. 

 Sure, he’s a little before my time.  When I was growing up he started growing into that big white rhinestone studded jumpsuit on his ever-expanding pelvis.  Except for that 1968 special when he wore that black leather outfit.  http://www.allmusic.com/album/nbc-tv-special-68-comeback-mw0000654106.  I remember that jumpsuit to this day because he looked so damn hot.  But I feel like need to pay tribute to The King, to make up for lost time.  Especially now that getting ready for work each morning feels more and more like I’m slipping into my own too tight jumpsuit and cape.  But since I never made a get to, I am not exactly sure how to make a come back.

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