Finding My Creative State of Mind


Trudy has found her niche

Trudy has found her niche

Happy 2014.  I’m happy here blogging after a long absence.

I did it to myself.  I gave myself little to no time to write, post, or read over the past six months. Why eliminate my passion, what I enjoy most in life? What about Pound Cake? Will my next book ever get written?  Sadly, where I once used research and reading and writing and staying in tune with all of my blog buddies for relaxation, I recently discovered the addictive false high of Candy Crush, Bingo Blitz and reality TV, and have indulged at every and any idle moment.   

Writing is not like exactly like riding a bike.  You never forget how to use language, but the less you read, write, participate in discussions, the more you have to ramp up to get back in the groove.  As you can see, I’m trying to ramp up now.  I proclaimed creative progress as my goal all week; and now, on Friday, I struggle to run my wobbly bald tires up the wooden plank to take a high jump.  Before it’s too late.

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Book Review- Stepping into More by Rachel Karu, Part One

steppingcover3d1I made a commitment to post a book review of Stepping into More by Rachel Karu today. Honestly, I am still reading and thoroughly enjoying this amazing book, and am not ready to provide a full bona-fide review until I experience it in all of its glory.  But here are some initial reactions that I hope will prompt you to consider picking up this book (or downloading the e-book) today.

Rachel’s words, her voice, her tone and her message, have taken me on a journey of my own – into my world as a perfectionist, and as my own worst critic when it comes owning what makes me happy.
Rachel’s struggle with creativity is so similar to mine. Her outlet is singing and mine is writing, but otherwise, I feel like I’m listening to my own voice as I read much of this book.  She tells her story and guides the reader in how to embrace your creativity and the vulnerability that comes with putting yourself ‘out there.’  Actually if I really want to be honest, and I do, aside from being a writer, being a singer has always been my secret passion.  The fact that my daughter has such a strong, beautiful voice that she’s shy about sharing only makes me prompt her more to not let opportunity pass her by, and fight that perfectionist gremlin within her too!!

I encourage everyone who has ever fought the perfectionist and the rebel within to read this book. Rachel finds the good in every seemingly bad situation and is truly inspirational. Tune in tomorrow for more, but if you’re curious just grab it now and travel with Rachel through fear of failure and commitment and learn how you can truly make yourself happy, and by doing so, create joy for others.

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