I Have Angel Potential – and so do You


Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial

Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial (Photo credit: AnubisAbyss)

After remaining glued to the TV and radio this past week, watching and listening to the tragedy and then the victory that was Boston  this week, I can’t being envious of all of the bravery, resolve and selflessness I have witnessed.  Because I am frightened.I felt fear just driving down Post Road in Warwick, RI, seeing a young man standing alone with a backpack at his feet,  and then another hunched over, walking alone carrying another dreaded backpack.  When I think of how close this hit home, of the time I have spent in Boston working, and playing these past thirty-odd years, of the people who I’ve discussed this with on-line or in person who comment that this is so scary.  Julia, Jeremy and I drove by the Watertown Mall en route to a basketball tournament three weeks ago.  And I sit amazed at the selflessness of those Boston Marathon first responders, of the marathon volunteers who didn’t think twice about themselves.   I fear that if tested, I may not display such bravery.   

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