Today’s Pictures: A Pretty Girl and Her Lasagna Sweater

Dahlia Lydia Fiore, Junior High Graduation

Dahlia Lydia Fiore, Junior High Graduation

I originally wanted to use this picture of my mother graduating junior high school as the cover for the book A Girl from the Hill. But technically it’s too small to use – if expanded it will lose its focus and become blurry. I may use a group shot from my mother’s class pic with her picture circled on the front cover instead.
I need for people to see this close up though. It’s the only childhood picture I have of my mother.

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Ravioli Season

I had no idea there was an actual season for making ravioli. What a pleasant surprise!

Please check out Marie’s recipe and process. I had to wipe the drool off my chin more than a few times as I read this.  Her Proud Italian Cook blog contains many wonderful recipes for authentic and contemporary Italian food. Continue reading

Almond Pesto?? Sounds like Heaven to Me…

English: Shelled almonds (Prunus dulcis) Itali...

I don’t know about you, but to me The Geometry of Pasta sounds like one of those staple books that belongs in every kitchen!

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Sunday Gravy – A Delicious & Easy-To-Make Marinara Sauce

Tomato sauce
Tomato sauce (Photo credit: Aelle)

It’s almost Friday- yee ha!

My new favorite blog is

See the link below for a wonderful basic Sunday Gravy recipe as well as lots of other great Italian recipes.

Sunday Gravy – A Delicious & Easy-To-Make Marinara Sauce.