Goodbye Georgette, Hello Kanye

Georgette.pnVoices around me, and those inside my head, have been giving me a hard time lately. I keep hearing that I’m too nice, a pushover, that it’s pure comedy to watch me attempt to be stern, and a lot more little jewels that have been pounding on my brain like driving rain on a garbage can lid.

I have never, ever considered myself too nice, which may be why I try extra hard to make sure I’m not rude. I realize now, that my attempts to not be a sarcastic bitch may have turned me into a pile of mushy applesauce.   But I wasn’t always like this, I’m sure of it.

I remember myself as an incredibly sarcastic, too smart for my own good little girl, growing up in a family where everyone seemed grown up but me. And my family never missed an opportunity to employ the sacred art of sarcasm with pride when perhaps maybe a softer gentler word would have sufficed. I won’t point fingers except to say that I learned from the best, and took pride in being an obnoxious adolescent. In fact, it was my sense of sarcasm that prompted my fifth grade teacher to assign me many, many essays meant for me to reflect on my loud, inappropriate, utterances during class. It didn’t quite work, as he seemed to enjoy my essays so much that he would hand them back with his own sarcastic commentary written in the margins.   Instead of squelching my firey temperament, he lit the fuse for an explosion of what I considered one more way to express my disdain for, well, everything. I emulated the kind of silly chatter that I heard around me and felt obligated to match in kind. Despite getting in trouble at home and at school I thought I was one hot shit of a ten year old.

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Happy Fall Y’all!

expo A corny greeting for sure, but tis the season for corn of all kinds.

I know I’ve been quiet lately, but am working away at a whole new version of my new book. Formally known as Don’t Call Me Poundcake, my new working title- Carry That Weight. It has taken me much time and reflection, and lots of slow running around the Smithfield High School track, but I believe I found the key to what was stalling me out after page 40.

CTW is the story of a girl who has a lot placed upon her shoulders – and learns how to cope, to love herself and realize the strength she possesses as she conquers her demons and makes positive contributions to the world around her. And it’s co-starring (sort of) The Beatles. That’s all I’m going to say, except that I’ve taken the theme that is most important to me, standing up for yourself and taking responsibility for your life, and paired it with other elements I love like, music, food, running, and the strong bonds between friends, mothers and daughters. I can’t wait to share some sneak peeks with you all in the coming weeks.

I am fortunate enough to have some dear lifelong friends that have helped me think this through without even knowing it. That includes my family of course, my sisters, my in-laws, my parents, my husband and my adorable bouncing baby girl that’s now at least 3 inches taller than me (Her new nickname for me is Midge- VERY non PC). And my friends, after all of these years, who are still so special and dear, and have experienced so many of the same things we all do as we learn to find our own unique voice. We’ve held each other up over the years and I hope this book is a proper culmination of my love and respect.

The biggest discovery for me is that I’m most comfortable and content when I write about the things I love; perhaps I’m not good enough yet to weave these important concepts into something unrecognizable.  As they say, time will tell.


And if that all isn’t enough- I’m on the road this fall! My version of on the road, which is appearing around the area promoting my first book,  A Girl From the Hill.

First, On Sunday October 5th there’s the Southern New England Women’s Expo 

Then Sunday October 12th and Monday October 13th I will be at the Scituate Art Festival
And on Saturday November 8th I will be participating in the Second Annual Association of Rhode Island Authors Expo, with over 70 local authors making their work available. Why, you can get most of your holiday shopping done just by stopping by!


You can follow the links to the event sites for more information. I hope to see you locals at one or more of these events, to buy a book or just stop over and say hello. And as I move more fully into Carry That Weight, I’ll provide updates when I can and throw ideas out there for you to think about and provide your feedback.

Have a great weekend and remember that All You Need is Love.

Elvis Radio

IThe Comeback’ve been listening to a lot of Elvis lately.  The all Elvis satellite radio station blares in my car most mornings, much to Julia’s dismay.  After dropping her off I often indulge more in Elvis the religion, the god.  I get pumped listening to Suspicious Minds, I listen to the testimonials of people touched by The King, whether a lei or a lay, that play in between medly’s, live performances from Vegas, and interviews with this soft-spoken, sweet humble sounding man with a cute, giggly laugh. 

 Sure, he’s a little before my time.  When I was growing up he started growing into that big white rhinestone studded jumpsuit on his ever-expanding pelvis.  Except for that 1968 special when he wore that black leather outfit.  I remember that jumpsuit to this day because he looked so damn hot.  But I feel like need to pay tribute to The King, to make up for lost time.  Especially now that getting ready for work each morning feels more and more like I’m slipping into my own too tight jumpsuit and cape.  But since I never made a get to, I am not exactly sure how to make a come back.

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