It’s the work that matters


Powerball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So sorry I missed my Wednesday post promise! I have been absolutely exhausted lately, probably because I’ve finally come down from my tremendous high after attending Ann Hood’s Jumpstart your Novel weekend.

So I’m thinking a lot about A Girl from the Hill and how cool it will be when it’s finally published. And I’m thinking about Fat School, my new novel that I’ve just started. It’s overwhelming, even though it’s exactly what I want to do with myself, and with my life.

I also have a day job that is very busy, full of stress and interaction and forward movement. It’s not a writing job, although I do a lot of writing all day. Not the kind I like, but it’s helped shape the way I think, the way I interact with others, the way I want to be perceived. Mostly for the better.

Everyone wants to quit their day job, don’t they? Well almost everyone. Some people have jobs that they love, doing what they love. Some even make money at it. Everyone else either wants to hit Powerball and never show up to their day job again, or they want to find that perfect place. The place where their work is appreciated every day. The place where everyone values them for who they are and what they offer. The place where valuable, important contributions are made every day.

These people often end up disappointed. There is no such place.

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