The Apple Drop Dance – More Music from “Goodbye Pound Cake”

The Apple Drop Dance is the setting for some pivotal events take place in “Goodbye Pound Cake.” Some new experiences for both Michelle and her bff Mandy, some good, and some not. The following are a fast dance song and a slow dance song. I hope you enjoy while reading! Give Me Just One Night …

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So You Want Some More? Pound Cake Music Part 3

Happy Friday! As we progress on through the story of Michelle “Pound Cake” Natale, we find her discovering more about her capabilities, as well as those things she needs to work on, namely, patience and confidence. Dillon is helping her along on her journey and the music and the spirit of the The King of …

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Goodbye Pound Cake Music – Chapter 1

As you’re reading Goodbye Pound Cake (GBPC) you’ll notice lots of musical references. Some are Michelle’s mom’s favorite Elvis tunes, some are part of Dillon O’Brien’s cross country playlist. Others, well, I’m not giving them all away. You need to read the book! Whether you’re old enough to remember them or not, they’re a great …

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It’s #RIAuthor Month – Meet Pat Mitchell

Thanks to Martha Reynolds once again for featuring me on her blog. A Girl from the Hill is one of the hundreds of books that will be available at the Association of Rhode Island Auhors (ARIA) annual expo at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet this coming Saturday, December 2nd, 10am to 5 pm. Come visit- books make great gifts!

Martha Reynolds Writes

Pat Mitchell photoThe Girl, with her fiance, in 1946

A Girl from the Hill is a tribute to my mother, who grew up on Federal Hill during the Great Depression. The collection of essays depicts her life of as one of laughter and love, as well as its share of suffering and sorrow.

Providence’s Federal Hill neighborhood was, and still is, Rhode Island’s “Little Italy.” Thousands of Italian immigrants, including my grandparents, came to Rhode Island at the turn of the 20th century to begin new, better lives. They struggled to assimilate into American culture, and my mother’s parents, Giovanni and Maria, tried their best to become John and Mary. My mom, their youngest of eight children, was full of joy, and enjoyed much of her childhood despite her mother’s struggle with diabetes.

I began the book merely as a simple exercise, to see if I could actually write a book…

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