Goodbye, Christian America; Hello, True Christianity

So perfectly stated. The true meaning of Christianity, of following the teachings of Jesus, is to come together for good. I don’t practice Christianity by going to church because that is not required. If you do belong to a church, however, it’s a great way to work as a community for good. If half of the politicians and so called religious leaders would practice the faith that they so vehemently protect imagine the good works that could be accomplished. And imagine how much more acceptance there would be from the secular community
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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Christian America; Hello, True Christianity

  1. Maree

    How can we make sure everyone reads this! I think and have thought for a long time that Christians have taken a beautiful love , crucified it and resurected it into the “I’m just a little bit better than you” mentality which for most of us has been the cause of our departure from and even shameful denial of our beloved faith. thanks so much for posting this…time for reflection big time, for me. love, Maree


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