Today’s Photos: Sisters Through Time

My mother adored all of her sisters, and cherished the relationships always.  Her sisters provided her with love and strength and support, from the time when she was a young girl with a very sick mother and Phil would sub in as her mother figure, to her early married life when Sue and Alice propped her up when she felt like she was failing as a wife and mother, to middle and old age when they were together less often, but always smiling and laughing about the old times.

 Alice, Sue and Dale early 1940’s

My mother has three sisters and so do I. We don’t always see eye to eye, and our expectations for each other are often too high. My sisters took care of me when I was truly the baby, indulged and spoiled me, and helped me more times than I can count. I love my sisters and am thankful for having them in my life, for even through those times when we are distant physically or emotionally, nothing will sever the ties we share.

Sue, Dale and Alice – 1996 at my wedding

5 thoughts on “Today’s Photos: Sisters Through Time

  1. Maree

    Well said as always, Pat. God I really do miss Sue and Alice. They were always there for me. I can truly say that all three of the sisters knew and know what unconditional love was all about. Thanks for the pictures,too. Your wedding seemed to have taken place so long ago ( no pun intended) I couldn’t believe it was just 1996! Mom looked great didn;’t she, love M


  2. Thank you and yes I miss them too. Alice always reminded me so much of Mom. And I know your bond with them both was especially deep. I wish I had some pictures of Phil. All of them really understood what it means to love and accept your family warts and all 🙂


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