Stepping Into More – Book Launch – Perfectionists Welcome!

Happy Sunday Everyone! February 28th marked the official book launch day for Stepping Into More by Rachel Karu!  To celebrate the launch, the author is organizing a giveaway with awesome prizes!

I just started reading this today and I said to myself- that’s me!  I don’t know if the same will ring true as I read on, but so far the voice, the style, the words are all wonderful.

I will be writing a review for Stepping into More and posting in one week on Sunday March 10th.  So please stay tuned!!

Stepping into More by Rachel Karu

Life is meant to be lived
with purpose.

Before Rachel Karu could speak, she longed to be a singer and
performer.  But like all of us, Rachel was born with Gremlins – inner voices that hate change and demand the status quo. These perpetual tapes clung to her mind like shackles threatening
to derail her at every turning point. At the lead of Rachel’s gang of Gremlins was the toughest of them all: Perfectionism.

In STEPPING INTO MORE: Lessons from a Recovering Perfectionist, Rachel details her personal journey of wrangling and ultimately co-existing with her Gremlins. We are born with strengths and development areas. Our goal is to create a fulfilling life. But we all need some guidance along the way.
Intended as a tool, this guide offers support as you grapple with your own Gremlins and higher self, so that you learn how to make clear, conscious choices that lead to a wonderful expansive life.   Rachel’s story and the reflective questions at the end of each chapter are designed to serve as a stepping stone for you to reconnect to and honor your passions, values, and dreams.
Advance Praise
“Rachel writes this books as only a recovering perfectionist can!  In an unabashed, tell-it-like-it-is
style she draws you into her story and reveals the peaks and valleys of her journey.  Through colorful narrative, she brings her story alive and, in so doing, helps you ponder yours. Only
read this book if you’re not afraid to have your dreams come true!”
~ Sharon Jordan-Evans, executive coach & keynote speaker, co-author, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em:  Getting Good People to Stay and Love It, Don’t Leave It:  26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work.
“With candor and humor Karu shares the fears and insecurities experienced by so many
women and instills hope that you really can step into more.”
~ Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office
“Rachel’s book is a fantastic read for anyone who is struggling from being a perfectionist.  As a business coach I often see this personality type and people struggle to satisfy themselves and the lives of others around them.  Rachel has brilliantly shared her life long story on how to recover
with amazing self improvement questions at the end of each chapter. I highly recommend this book because let’s be honest, nobody is perfect!”
 ~ Tammy Burnell Business Coach


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Happy reading!

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