Video for A Girl From the Hill

Okay I may have not done the best job here, but I needed to put a video together quickly for the Unicorn Writers Conference in March, where copies of A Girl from the Hill will be available for sale. I’m very excited about the opportunity to participate in this great conference again, and this time from a real live author standpoint.

Please let me know what you think of the video – it kind of blips off at the end and it’s just a simple slide show with music, but this is not my foray at all.

Also, if you’re interested in attending the conference in Portland CT this March, here is the link to their site. There are workshops, Editors, Agents, all there to help new writers get started.

10 thoughts on “Video for A Girl From the Hill

  1. Very nice Patty – so charming and warm. Boy so many of your photos remind me of my mother’s photos. The era, the backgrounds, the clothes and even the poses all much like ours. It was quite a time.
    Good luck at the conference and I hope you sell a lot of books.


  2. Tina

    I love videos like that…my sister made me one for my 40th birthday and several others of family. So special…great job and love the song!


  3. Great job Patty! I’m impressed that someone who claims this “isn’t her foray” was able to do such a great job. The feeling of excitement, adventure, and living life come through loud and clear just like they do in the book.


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