Uncle Joe – Guest Blogger Maree O’Brien

My mother Dahlia with her brother Joe Fiore, aka the Bull.

My mother Dahlia with her brother Joe Fiore, aka the Bull.

As a special treat today, I asked my sister Maree to guest blog. She wrote Uncle Joe about my mother’s oldest brother, often referred to by his nickname – the Bull. He kept all of the Fiore children in line and was not the kind of guy you’d want to try to fool or disobey. In contrast to his role as family disciplinarian, he was one of the sweetest, kindest men I’ve ever known. Being the youngest, I didn’t get to know him as well as Maree did, so I’m happy to share her memories here.

Uncle Joe

His face wore the tanned, leather-like appearance of one who spent many years out in the elements. Not unlike his father Giovanni Fiore, Joe, his eldest son, too, possessed the tinkling dark brown eyes and the broad grin of a kind and happy man.

Uncle Joe and I were kindred spirits. We both loved animals, horses in particular. Actually anything from toads to elephants earned our interest and affection, just by being.

Neither Uncle Joe’s wife Gilda, nor any others in my immediate family shared a love of beasts like Uncle Joe and me. He had a beautiful collie named Bonny, who lived outdoors all of her life. She did have a beautiful dog house as Aunt Gilda as always eager to point out, because “Animals didn’t belong in the house.”

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A Visit to the Vet

Profile of an Italian American Kitty

Profile of Zingarella – my little Italian Gypsy-

Happy Friday everyone – or maybe I should say –  felice venerdì!

I have had an absolutely glorious week, working on this blog, getting lots of writing done, social networking with some wonderful people – many of them writers, enjoying the summer weather, and, most importantly – spending time with my family.  Of course you can’t really have a vacation at home without running lots of errands too, an attempt to cross stuff off the Never-Ending To Do list that I never have time for during the normal workday routine.

Today I stopped at the vets and was yet again reminded of the embedded  Italian culture in our daily lives – at least in my neck of the woods. Continue reading