Winning Photograph of Providence Rhode Island Announced


Beautiful image of a city that has endured much but still stands tall. Enjoy.

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Winning Photograph of Providence Rhode Island Announced

Rhode Island SEO firm Sidewalk Branding Company names Providence photo contest winner – Cesar Cruz (Student at Rhode Island’s New England Tech) for his outstanding photograph of Rhode Island’s Downcity Providence.

Cruz’s winning photograph submission was in response to Sidewalk Branding’s call-out for a photograph depicting Providence Rhode Island’s Downcity or Skyline to use as part of their website redesign. News of the contest quickly spread through social media and was picked up by New England Tech GMW (Graphic, Multimedia, and Website Design) instructor & department chair Rick Mitchell – who shared the opportunity with his students at the college.

“Instead of spending hours walking all over the city taking photographs with my Droid phone – I’m pretty low tech in this department – I decided to give crowdsourcing a shot for the picture,” says Sidewalk Branding’s founder Chris Sheehy. “With only one…

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