Memoirs and Memories

About two years ago, Lisa Tener inspired me to work with my mother to write A Girl From the Hill.   Lisa is an accomplished author in her own right, and has helped many people get started and live their dreams.  She has literally (some pun intended) changed my life.

It has been with much happiness that I can return the favor, even if only in miniscule fashion, by telling about my writing experiences on Lisa’s new website.  Oh yeah, it doesn’t hurt me either, and I was absolutely honored to participate, so I see it as a win/win.

Lisa is a genuine person, which I can say about pretty much everyone I promote on this blog.  I am so grateful for all of the amazing people I have met these past few years, as I’ve started to live the tip of the iceberg of my dream.  There is something so genuine and unselfish and truly encouraging about the writers I’ve met in cyber space as well as in person.  There is non of the back-biting competition as we all have different gifts to offer.  And while many of us have inferiority complexes, or some kind of undisclosed complex or fault, I have never seen one writer take their frustrations out on another.

Of course we’re all not perfect, and I am sure I still am pretty naïve about the world of publishing.  And of course I must admit my gratitude to the corporate world for all of those miraculous people – mentors, friends and true colleagues that have made their mark in my life and oftentimes my heart.  But the writing world, at least so far for me, is different.

I don’t have to worry about who to trust, who to confide in, who to keep at arm’s length.  There are no writing bullies looking for me to slip up in order to pounce.  Working to satisfy myself, doing the best job I can when I write, and being accountable to myself is its own reward.  Now if I could only make some cash at it!

I am truly grateful for both sides of working life that I have come to experience.  From working in a factory running a electroplating line, to managing my first software project to completion, from successful data conversions to self publishing, my varied experiences provide me with interesting insights and perspectives.  Wouldn’t trade them, not for anything.

So anyway, read the article, and let me know what you think (be nice) please!!

7 thoughts on “Memoirs and Memories

    1. You are way too nice!! Thank you- I actually took that picture at my office at work for a slide show we are doing about our department members. Recycle recycle recycle. Glad you liked the article too. Made me sound a lot smarter about this whole thing than I am! YA book is in its infancy but I’m trying. How is your writing going?


      1. Not much time to write anything lately other than the blog posts. I need to get disciplined and get back on track with the editing and writing of the book. It’s sat dormant for much too long. Family matters interfered for a while and I got out of the groove. I’ll keep you posted!


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