Life is What Happens…

John Lennon's quote in a Nepalese Bookstore, &...
John Lennon’s quote in a Nepalese Bookstore, “Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans.” Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal (Photo credit: Wonderlane)

Wow, it’s been too too long. Happy week after Easter everyone. As I gear up and put the last edits on ‘A Girl From the Hill, I wanted to send a message out to anyone who is still tuning in – I haven’t forgotten you, so please don’t forget me!The book is in its final stages and will most likely go to publication in late May/early June if all goes well. I have found that the editing process takes forever, and I’m constantly finding things I did wrong and/or want to change. Between tonight and tomorrow I draw the line and just get this suckah out there. Editing OCD is not fun.  But I feel like I’m pushing a baby out of the birth canal, and trying to make every push and pant count.  This from a woman who has only given birth via C-Section.  Perhaps this is why it doesn’t come easily to me?

I have also been spending lot of time with my parents these past few weeks. My mother fell in February and dislocated her shoulder. Thankfully that was the extent of her injuries, except for a very bruised leg. She is amazingly strong and heals so well. It’s been hard for the Crow to clip her wings these past weeks, but she never gives up. I know where my daughter inherits her strength from.

Alphonse has been under the weather too, being in the hospital 3 times since the end of January. He’s getting over pneumonia and dangerously low potassium levels. We are not at the place where my siblings and I have to monitor his meds, and he too has had to adjust to people taking care of him, whether it’s a CNA giving him a shower, or me doling out his allotment of pills for the week. It’s a huge adjustment for such a proud and independent man. But I think he understands, and we all do our best to treat both my parents with the dignity they deserve. And they do deserve it.

Julia is playing basketball like a pro these days, and we have spent quite a few nights and weekends going to tournaments and watching her go. I am so incredibly proud of this 12-year-old who now towers over me, is compassionate, sweet, smart, talented…on and on could I go. And I’m not bragging, honest. She is incredible, and seems to possess the best of both sides of her family with respect to so many things. Now if I could just get her to clean her room.

I know this sounds like a family update letter you’d find in a holiday card. Maybe that’s what it is. I have not been writing these past few weeks, just editing. And editing some more. But the activities I’ve mentioned haven’t gotten in the way of writing, or caused me to feel resentful. They are the things of life, and time with my family that I am so grateful for. Even though it’s work and not easy work, I enjoy stopping over at my parents each day, eating the supper my mother prepares for me (sorry Donna), and helping them get organized. I love watching my girl from the stands and taking a back seat to her victories.

So while I miss my blog, and miss you all reading it, I’ve been living, and replenishing my soul and spirit so that I can hopefully give you more and better things to read about in the future.

Much Love to You All and keep me in your thoughts as I try to get this book finished tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Life is What Happens…

  1. So glad you are involved with LIFE! Isn’t it grand? I love the adventures and experiences of living and whole-heartedly encourage everyone to do it continuously. As much as I’ve missed your posts for the last little while I am so glad you are living the adventurous life. Good luck with your parents and their issues. They are lucky to have raised such devoted children and to have a daughter like you to look after them. Can’t wait for the book!


    1. Thanks Laura- always appreciate your support. I wouldn’t exactly call it adventurous, though it is a interesting trip:)
      We all do chip in to help, including my sister-in-law and that is a blessing. Sometimes I feel badly that Julia is an only child and will have to take care of her parents solo. She assures me she will be rich and famous and this won’t be an issue, but nevertheless…

      Take care and happy spring!


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