Blog BuddiesI need your help and support. Two

Blog Buddies

I need your help and support.  Two terribly stupid things have happened this week.  One is that my new book, A Girl from the Hill has been temporarily taken off the shelves due to issues that some family members had with some of the content. I’m in the process of making changes so my book can become available again, even though nothing in this book is in the least bit negative or meant to be offensive.  It’s my mother’s memories for goodness sake.  The second terribly stupid thing is that I got my first bad review on Amazon.  Coincidence? No.  If you have a moment please take a look at this review and if you think it’s accurate let me know.  If you don’t let Amazon know, please?

Don’t worry we’ll be back in business soon.  To those of you who were expecting me to mail you books this week, let’s just say I got a little distracted.  They will go out tomorrow.  Love you all.

10 thoughts on “Blog BuddiesI need your help and support. Two

  1. I am shocked…! If someone is that mean spirited they should be banned from reviewing on book sites. So sorry you have had to suffer this. I have made comments, reported her abuse and clicked her review was unhelpful!
    Let’s hope that clears up the problem.


  2. Jennifer S

    I also reported the review as unhelpful. Sorry you’re having to deal with all this noise, when your aim has only been to share lovely memories that will connect with so many others. Best of luck getting this quickly resolved. I wish the book’s changes weren’t necessary.


    1. Thanks Jen. It breaks my heart. But it’s my mothers story not theirs. I feel I can still paint the appropriate picture of my mothers life, her strength and endurance without a few background details. I appreciate your support as it strengthens me to see the kindness and compassion not only of those who know me in person but also those who know me by my words alone.


  3. Barbara Carroll


    Chin up! The fact that other people can be mean-spirited and spiteful doesn’t change the wonderful job that you did – kudos to you and your mother. Hope the changes are speedy and painless.


    1. Thanks Barbara! The great news is that no matter what happens I am constantly reminded of how great my friends and real family are. And all my new writing and blog pals are among the most supportive. So it’s actually an opportunity to show gratitude.

      Changes are done and in review. So we’ll. be back soon!


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