Eddie Haskell Wasn’t So Bad … Oh Yeah He Was

EddieWatching way too much retro TV this weekend when I should be reading and writing. But last week’s long relentless stress from all angles, to the point that I felt like a baby harbor seal dodging clubs, left me with no alternative than to veg out and regress back to the days when everything was normal. Normal ish.I almost felt bad for Eddy Haskell today. Everyone knows he’s a phony. Ward knows. Barbara Billingsly knows. Heck, Wally even knows. But he stands by his best friend. Puzzling perhaps, and perhaps someone could write, or has already written a doctorate thesis on The Eddy Haskell Syndrome and the Wally’s Who Love Them. So I won’t do that here. You’re welcome.

I almost felt bad for Eddy because he thinks the only way he can get attention is by making others look bad. Like the Beav, who Wally loves like a good brother should, telling him when he is acting like a creep versus sticking up for him against his best friend-bully. I almost felt bad for Eddy because he feels like he must act like, well, Eddie Haskell. He knows that he is merely tolerated at best. But he’s too proud to admit his failings and appear normalish. The facade is too important, and really holds a life of its own, leaving poor Eddy as an empty shell. Eddy the Narcissist is another thesis out there waiting to be written.

No I’m not high. I sound like it though don’t I? I just find it interesting Continue reading

Blog BuddiesI need your help and support. Two


Blog Buddies

I need your help and support.  Two terribly stupid things have happened this week.  One is that my new book, A Girl from the Hill has been temporarily taken off the shelves due to issues that some family members had with some of the content. I’m in the process of making changes so my book can become available again, even though nothing in this book is in the least bit negative or meant to be offensive.  It’s my mother’s memories for goodness sake.  The second terribly stupid thing is that I got my first bad review on Amazon.  Coincidence? No.  If you have a moment please take a look at this review and if you think it’s accurate let me know.  If you don’t let Amazon know, please?

Don’t worry we’ll be back in business soon.  To those of you who were expecting me to mail you books this week, let’s just say I got a little distracted.  They will go out tomorrow.  Love you all.


There Ain’t No Warning Labels for Crazy

Warning labels

Warning labels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warning: Crazy.

I have been saying wow to myself a bit more than usual tonight. Wow for the man who rescued those poor women from a decade of torture, and then refused a reward.  Wow to the people out there who are actually criticizing him.

And when I read this post just now Warning: Crazy., about the labels that don’t come with the mentally ill, again, wow.  So beautifully written, I just wanted to cry for the author and her brother.  We all need to open our eyes a little wider because it mental illness can happen to anyone, to any degree, and none of it is funny for the persons suffering and the people who love them.  I’m sure I’ve done my share of ignorant snickering, so I will make every effort to open my eyes and remember to treat people the way I would like to be treated.  Some very cool guy said that a few thousand years ago and it’s still the strongest truth I know.

Why I Write

Anne Frank in the World

Anne Frank in the World (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

Such a beautiful and important answer.  I have never considered this specific example, but I too feel a gut churning fury when the weak – animals, the elderly, children, those with special needs– suffer abuse at the hands of those who feel they are superior.  Bravo to Harper Faulkner for putting this into words.

Check his blog post here  Why I Write.

Intolerance Towards Italian Americans- the Life Lessons of Us vs. Them

Editorial cartoon in "The Mascot" ne...

Editorial cartoon in “The Mascot” newspaper, New Orleans, 1888, harshly anti-Italian immigrant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An amazing story of how intolerance ingrained within our nation’s roots – even for Italian Americans.  I never knew about the New Orleans mass lynching of Italian Americans in 1851.  I don’t want to spread negativity but it’s important to understand these actions and beliefs from the past to help us frame the present and make a better future.http://edition.cnn.com/2012/07/10/opinion/falco-italian-immigrants/index.html