The Zen of Buddy

Jen’s writing is engaging, funny and usually hits a chord of truth. We are both working on YA books and trying to find the balance between writing and real life. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, and if so, pass it on!

Chopping Potatoes

No errands for me.  No languishing in stores simply because I’m sans kids and don’t have to hightail it out the door.  Not even a cup of joe to go.

The plan today was head straight home after preschool drop-off, brew a cup of tea, and write! 

There was the reflection I’d entered into my journal two nights ago to be expounded upon.  There was the humorous quip forming in my head that I must look good because it’s been two mornings now that another mother has oh-so-discreetly done the smile to full-body-scan maneuver.  Yes, the hem of my pants meets my shoes.  And yes, I wear shoes everyday.  Do you need a fashion report?  Urgh. 

Stuff, thoughts, words rattling – all waiting patiently for me to let them free.

Until, suddenly, a dog appeared on my horizon. 

As I turned the corner to my street, I spied a…

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6 thoughts on “The Zen of Buddy

    1. My pleasure Jovina! It was so wonderful to workshop with Jen and my other ASTAL colleagues today. It really got me motivated to start writing again, no matter how little time is available. Gotta make the time!
      Hope all is well with you, loving all your posts!


  1. Jennifer Butler Basile

    Yes, keep checking for Trudy’s tags! Thanks so much for sharing my post – and for everyone else’s positive feedback! Patty, so glad the universe brought us both to the ASTAL Institute this year! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and working with you! Best in all you do – though I know we’ll cross paths again!


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