Memories Should Not Be Made of This

The beautifully written post Missed Memories moves me to write something deep from within my heart. My mother just turned 88 this past July 4th, and like iscribblings said about her grandmother in the post below, we always celebrate my mother's birthday like it's a holiday- because, well it is. But that was not the case …

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Memories are Not Made of This


Things are always happening around us and to us.  We feel our hearts race when we encounter a surprise (like getting an extra large chocolate chip in your ice cream), and we hold onto those memories for quick lifts during dull days.

I just wish I could remember more happy little surprises as the days roll on and the years speed by.  I had read somewhere that our notion of time flying as we grow older is due to our brain’s already well-stocked memory.  So, as we go along our day to day lives, nothing has quite the same sparkle as when we were younger – nothing surprises us anymore.

The advice, of course, was to create and experience new sensations so that time “slows” and our brains stay active.

My brain needs a good kick to remember details (that’s why I blog, scrapbook and journal).  It’s not like I…

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Are your Aging Parents or Elderly Clients Depressed?

Are your Aging Parents or Elderly Clients Depressed?.  This article is fascinating and something for all of us who have aging parents.  Keeping active is key. Related articles Treating Depression in the Elderly ( Benefits of Geriatric Massage Therapy ( The Elderly in Convalescent Homes: the forgotten generation ( Role Reversal: Cohabitating with an Elderly …

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