I’m Baaaaaccckkkk…

The leaves are already turning here in Rhode Island

I feel like a poltergeist these days, drifting in and out of several places at once.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything. Between Jeremy and I being handyman- impaired and having to paint my daughter’s bedroom before school gets too far underway, to getting her (and us) ready for Junior High, to all the other things that I have been neglecting that needed some focus and a little less divided attention, the days just flew.

So apparently summer has just sort of picked up its clothes and gotten out of here, although the damp humidity we’re experiencing here in Rhode Island today makes me wonder if its having second thoughts. But the leaves are already turning.

It hasn’t been as easy to get back into the swing today. but I’m trying to catch up on all my great writer/blogger friends out there who continually amaze me with thought-provoking and beautifully creative work. So stay tuned for lots of their words getting re-posted here – and of course I will provide you with a few more snippets from the draft of the book my mother and I have put together. I have some big decisions ahead of me, like to self-publish or wait for the right agent at the right agency to decipher one of my queries. I kind of like revealing it piece by piece here, but I don’t think I’m doing the work the justice it deserves.

I’ve read some of these posts to my mother. She has been touched and truly moved by seeing her memories come to life again, and seeing your reactions and ‘likes.’ So please, I urge you to send me your comments, your comparisons, your experiences so that we can make the blog all it should be.

Thank you – have a great time saying goodbye to summer and hello to all of the hard work and responsibility that comes with September….

2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaaccckkkk…

  1. Hi auntie , I just wanted you to know how much these stories of grammy mean to me. To hear how she grew up and about her mom have me crying for her. I always knew she was a strong woman but never knew a lot about her family , except auntie sue and Alice auntie Phil and the uncles. I am so proud of my gram and you too. The way you write the stories really brings them to life for me. Love, Dawne


    1. Now it’s my turn turn to tear up!! Dawne it means the world to me that you have read these stories and that you appreciate her the way that I do now. It has taken me years to get to know the real Dahlia. She is strong, disciplined, creative and has learned not to take herself too seriously.
      As here oldest grand-daughter you hold a most special place in that old crow’s heart. And in my heart as well. I was never really prepared to have nieces at four years old – I was a bit spoiled and over-indulged as you may recall 🙂 Shame on me for not realizing such a precious gift – having little sisters of my own with you and Jenny Bird. I love you both so much.

      I think you already are very much appreciated as an awesome mother – your beautiful children – and grand child! – are testament to that.

      xoxo P


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