Starting the Dialogue with your Aging Parents: Are you Hungry?

Starting the Dialogue with your Aging Parents: Are you Hungry?.

Once again, Laura shares important information with her readers that bears repeating whenever and wherever possible.  Please take a look and pass it on.

When I think about the abundance of food that the world has to offer only to have it be unavailable to those who truly need it, it boggles my mind.  The only way to make sure that everyone is fed is to make the effort, however small, to help whomever we can.

A Girl From the Hill – Coming to a Book Store and Web Site Near You– Soon!

cover pic.jpegI am very excited to have just put the finishing touches on A Girl From the Hill: My Mother’s Journey from Italian Girl to American Woman. I will be sending my final galley signoff tomorrow morning and the book will officially be going “to print.”

Even though I’m a bit sick of looking at it, I hope you all won’t be. More details to follow, but if I use the great service and productivity of Balboa Press to date, I hope that we’ll be launching by the end of May/beginning of June. Oh yes, of course I will keep you all posted!

A huge huge thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far, including my parents, who are doing much better health-wise, and are slowly trying to exert some level of independence. Even though I get frustrated when my father decides to drive to the barbershop in the rain, I am so relieved to see a smile on his face, and to hear his corny jokes. I am so blessed.

In Honor of Valentines and My Parents, a Love Story

I love you

I love you (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I know this is a little late for Valentine’s Day, but it is a love story nonetheless.My father, the Old Man, has been taken out of his home by stretcher twice and my mother, the Crow, has been taken out once in the last three weeks.  Thankfully they will be fine, but both have a long road of rehab and reality ahead of them, and they will fight it with all the emotional strength they can muster.  But a time will come when they run out of unreasonableness, and will accept the present, and its ever increasing limitations.

But they still have each other, and they still have us.  Being together and loving each other is what makes this bearable.

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My Parents’ Wedding

Wedding Day 1

Just wanted to share this picture from my Grandparents’ house on Dover Street, where my parents’wedding reception took place. You can see Auntie Dot as Maid of Honor behind the plants next to my mother. My Uncle Danny is next to my father and harder to see.

My Mom was 21 and my Dad was 24 when this picture was taken. America at peace, war over. They look so innocent, so naive, so excited about their future. And in shock a bit, especially my mother. About all the attention, the focus, and the expectations that were now placed upon her.