Dogs are boys, Cats are girls – All the Best, from Number 3

Tom pokes Jerry in High Steaks, one of the 13 ...

Tom pokes Jerry in High Steaks, one of the 13 films produced by the Deitch/Snyder team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love this post and had to share it.  There is a an important part about knowing that we all can be anything we want to be, but there is a wonderful fun part where we can remember the way we thought as children.  Black and white, right and wrong, male and female.  It’s how we learn, and children have such amazing ways of making sense of reality, whatever that is.

When I was little, I definitely thought Dogs were boys and Cats were girls- except for Tom of Tom and Jerry, and Sylvester.  But they were dopey cats so of course not female.

What made me laugh and smile the most was this response from someone named brazennell – I could totally relate.

She wrote

“When I was a child I would pretend my markers and crayons were people. All the bright colours were girls and the dark colours were boys. I used to do the same with an old chess set my grandfather had. White were the ladies, black were the gents. I have no idea what that means. I lack the insight and intellect to explain but I really enjoyed your post.”

Here is me totally relating in my response –

“brazennell, I totally know where you’re coming from!  I used to do the same thing- and in addition, I used to think numbers were people. 1 was a lonely old, but kind gentleman; 2 was a bit of a disciplinarian, always wanting to do what’s right; 3 was lots of fun (I was a 3 btw). I could go on but you get the drift. And now, quite a few decades later, I can still look at a person and tell what number they are.

Some people never grow up- thank goodness!”

So, what number are you?  I am a 3 because I’m round and have curly hair, but I’m also fun.  I like to laugh and I’m at my best when I’m not too serious- just like a 3.  I always wanted to be 9 though – 9 is fun and attractive in a much more sleek way than 3.

Wicked Good Eats for Columbus Day – Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers

I have known Steve for over 40 years. We attended first grade, and all subseuent grades, together. He is not only an accomplished mechanical engineer and design manager, but he is, as we would say in our hometown of Johnston, Rhode Island, a wicked good cook. And a wicked good guy too.

His dad owned a restaurant and has passed on the talent. Check out all of his videos on youtube. And pay attention to Wolfie – he definitely reaps the benefits of Steve’s cooking!

Happy Columbus Day Everyone. 

A Visit to the Vet

Profile of an Italian American Kitty

Profile of Zingarella – my little Italian Gypsy-

Happy Friday everyone – or maybe I should say –  felice venerdì!

I have had an absolutely glorious week, working on this blog, getting lots of writing done, social networking with some wonderful people – many of them writers, enjoying the summer weather, and, most importantly – spending time with my family.  Of course you can’t really have a vacation at home without running lots of errands too, an attempt to cross stuff off the Never-Ending To Do list that I never have time for during the normal workday routine.

Today I stopped at the vets and was yet again reminded of the embedded  Italian culture in our daily lives – at least in my neck of the woods. Continue reading