Meet Rhode Island’s Authors – They Rock!

It’s time again for the Scituate Art Festival. If you’re local you don’t want to miss this opportunity to browse the best that  Rhode Island has to offer – from Wall art to antiques to the best apple dumplings around. And books. I’ll be there with other local authors with books for you or for gifts. Yes, we are already doing that.

There is some really exceptional writing happening in Rhode Island. Check it out and discover something new.

Wicked Good Eats for Columbus Day – Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers

I have known Steve for over 40 years. We attended first grade, and all subseuent grades, together. He is not only an accomplished mechanical engineer and design manager, but he is, as we would say in our hometown of Johnston, Rhode Island, a wicked good cook. And a wicked good guy too.

His dad owned a restaurant and has passed on the talent. Check out all of his videos on youtube. And pay attention to Wolfie – he definitely reaps the benefits of Steve’s cooking!

Happy Columbus Day Everyone.