joy to the world…please

George Harrison with Ravi Shankar, 1967
George Harrison with Ravi Shankar, 1967 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Levels of joy and sadness are spiking up and down with such high intensity these past few days. The joy of the holidays has been pierced with the sadness of Newtown. The joy in celebrating life and heroic deeds – the best that humans have to offer, in sharp contrast to the worst we can imagine.

Thanks to akreed for her blog post on the passing of Indian musician Ravi Shankar this past week.

I am a huge Beatles and George Harrison fan, so Ravi means something special to me in terms of the joy and grounding he provided George, not to mention his influence on his (and their) music.

here is the post — via joy.

I sincerely and urgently hope that joy travels your way through these next difficult days, as we try our best to celebrate and mourn simultaneously.

Thank you for your comments - I appreciate it!

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