Pearls of Wisdom – Starting the Dialogue with your Aging Parents: Subject Gratitude

The Beauty of Old Age

The Beauty of Old Age (Photo credit: VinothChandar)

Starting the Dialogue with your Aging Parents: Subject Gratitude.

Anyone with aging parents or other family members will get a great deal of support information from the Starting the Dialogue Blog (hey that rhymes).  Anyway, the point is – keeping people positive and grateful is important regardless of age, but age has its ways of trying to squelch the positive and replace it with an aching back, wrinkled skin and sore hips.

I highly recommend this advice as I found it challenging to keep my parents from getting depressed and pessimistic when they were not well recently.  And the affect it had on me was that I too, was getting pretty negative, critical, anxious and depressed.   But positive energy and attitude can conquer all, that’s my firm belief.  Not always EASY, but definitely worth the effort.

Thanks Laura!

joy to the world…please

George Harrison with Ravi Shankar, 1967

George Harrison with Ravi Shankar, 1967 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Levels of joy and sadness are spiking up and down with such high intensity these past few days. The joy of the holidays has been pierced with the sadness of Newtown. The joy in celebrating life and heroic deeds – the best that humans have to offer, in sharp contrast to the worst we can imagine.

Thanks to akreed for her blog post on the passing of Indian musician Ravi Shankar this past week.

I am a huge Beatles and George Harrison fan, so Ravi means something special to me in terms of the joy and grounding he provided George, not to mention his influence on his (and their) music.

here is the post — via joy.

I sincerely and urgently hope that joy travels your way through these next difficult days, as we try our best to celebrate and mourn simultaneously.

Two of My Favorite Celtics–nba.html

English: Kevin Garnett playing with the Minnes...

English: Kevin Garnett playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This blog doesn’t usually cover sports figures. That I am a long time Celtics fan, a Kevin McHale fan and a Kevin Garnett fan doesn’t usually work its way up here.

But these are two men that I truly admire for their talent, their spirit and their perspective. McHale pretty much discovered KG and managed him through the first 12 years of his NBA career. They share a bond that runs deep.

McHale lost his daughter Sasha to Lupus earlier this year. For more about this brave and talented girl read here


KG provided comfort to Kevin McHale as best he could. And in light of the hideous act of horror that took place on Friday in Connecticut, the nightmare that I still can’t quite wake up from as a mother, as a parent, I thought that this display of love, compassion and comfort might touch the readers of this blog who may not be in tune with basketball, the Celtics and these two fine men the way that I am.

Beautiful Sadness

As I commented on the Red Tree Times blog post, I always equate 19th century photography with horrendous civil war victims or cowboys without smiles.

But take a look.   The real beauty of  this image is that it portrays both beauty and sadness simultaneously.

Similar thoughts went through my mind after scanning some 20th century pictures for the book, A Girl From the Hill.  My mother-in-law stated it accurately as she looked at some of the old pictures with me.

“You can see that this face is different.  Still beautiful, but she’s lived through something, and it shows.” Pictures of my mother.

What do you think when you look at her as a young girl of twenty then an older woman in her 30’s?  Does this happen to all of us regardless of the trials we endure?

Young and in love 1943

Testa’s dining room on Dover Street late 50’s  – My mother on the far left