West Virginia’s Little Italy Communities Courtesy of Jovina!

English: Festival Seal.
English: Festival Seal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

West Virginia’s Little Italy Communities.

It’s been a while since I reposted anything from Jovina, mainly because I am a little behind in my reading and blogging these days.  I keep commenting to her about compiling all of her Little Italy material together into a book–she does such a magnificent job of describing the history, the culture and the food in these spots all across the USA.  I have never been disappointed, and you can just read the care and focus that go into each post.

If you’re like me, you have a hard time picturing Italian Americans South of New York and Philly.  I never knew the important role that Italian Americans played and continue to play in places like West Virginia.  So cool is all I can say.

Great job again Jovina! Hope everyone enjoys this post.  And follow her if you aren’t already!

6 thoughts on “West Virginia’s Little Italy Communities Courtesy of Jovina!

  1. Thanks so much Patty. You truly understand our heritage. I have also been amazed as I do this research for my posts, how many Italians left Italy and came to America. Growing up in the Northeast, it had been my impression also , that most of the immigrants lived in the Northeast. So you can imagine my surprise, as I have discovered the legacy and influences our Italian American ancesters have had on the development of this great country. I am happy I decided to tell this story. Thank you Patty for your support and for reading my posts.


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