Where They Live/d

Please join me on Saturday October 12th for the West Broadway Neighbored Association’s house tour – Where They Live/d. The Historic Armory District will be featured which is very close to my mother’s childhood home on Marshall Street. I’ll be selling and signing copies of A Girl From the Hill with the Old Crow herself! Click the link for more details. Hope to see you there!


Road Shows, Then and Now


A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I’m a little frustrated with my running , or non-running self today.   But at least my Saturday was pretty cool, and filled with accomplishment.

My dear friend Kim accompanied me on my promo rounds, yesterday.  Like two traveling salesmen ladies we made the rounds with our ice coffees in our cup holders and 70’s and 80’s music on the radio.

First stop, Davisville Free Library in North Kingstown, where I am scheduled to do my first ‘gig’ reading and signing books.  I am both looking forward to this and dreading it at the same time.  Looking forward because it’s what I’ve wanted to do almost my whole conscious life.  Dreading for the same reason.  It’s a lovely, bright little town library with pleasant supportive people, so if nothing else I’ll spend a June afternoon  with some nice people.

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Special Offer buy 4 get a 5th Free ends Friday May 3rd

25th Anniversary 4

Thank you all for the kind and generous response!  PayPal should be up and running tomorrow for those that would like to pre-order an autograph copy of A Girl From the Hill.  Or Email me at pattymitch66@gmail.com and I will provide instructions on how to make a payment by check.

Apparently Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press are all offering the book now too, but you’ll save shipping costs and get an autograph copy if you buy through me.

The positive response from you all overwhelms me! Thank  you with all my heart.  My Mom is quite excited too by the way.  A nice dividend …

By the way, the folks will be celebrating their 67th anniversary on Monday May 6th.  The picture here is from their 25th Anniversary party in 1971.  My mother always loved her Gardenia’s.

Today my Dad had to go to the hospital.  He’s home safe and sound, but he fell early this morning trying to get out of bed.  My parents worked together to get him up, him crawling on the floor and my mother sitting in a bedroom chair to weigh it down so he could use it to climb up.  I wonder if in their wildest dreams in 1971 if they ever imagined they’d have to endure such struggles as they did today.  At least they work well together as a team – they have certainly had enough practice.  Love you both.

Let’s have a game of tag – answer the questions and tag another blogger…

Thanks to Mandyevebarett’s Blog for including me in this game of tag- here goes…

Matt Damon at a presentation for The Bourne Ul...

Daddy?? Matt Damon at a presentation for The Bourne Ultimatum in Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is the working title of your book?
‘A Girl from the Hill:  My Mother’s Journey from Italian Girl to American Woman”

Where did the idea come from for the book?

My mother has been taking down her memories for years, and at first I was just going to type out her journals for her.  But she left out so many details about her own strength and struggles that I didn’t think her notes did her justice.  I felt it was time for her story to be properly told.  In the process I found out a lot about myself, and about the differences and similarities between us.  It’s really been a wonderful adventure in learning and bonding.

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The Italian American Historical Society of Rhode Island

Federal Hill neighborhood, Providence, Rhode I...

Federal Hill neighborhood, Providence, Rhode Island. Plaza with restaurants off Atwells Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Italian American Historical Society provides information and entertainment about the Italian American heritage and culture in Rhode Island .  There is more to Rhode Island Italians than Federal Hill and Providence and the society sheds light on it all. They sponsor wonderful events, provide scholarships and are a very active with all things Italian.http://www.iahsofri.org/