Give a Helping Hand

Help Others
Help Others (Photo credit: Keoki Seu)

A helping hand or encouraging word.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  But I believe this is a difficult lesson to learn and to practice.  That’s because the ego – that essence of our uniqueness will fight this almost every time, especially if in a work or other competitive situation where being ‘right’  or ‘recognized is considered important.

But it’s worth the fight.  I  have never forgotten those people in my life who have given me the great gift of encouragement and bolstered my confidence when I felt unsure or was ready to give up.  Those reflections help me put my monster ego aside and think about the greater good and about others before myself.

We are all connected, regardless of what we believe or want to think.  The people we find despicable and pathetic are still human, just like we are.  Be happy that your path provides you insight into your flaws so that you can always strive to be better, and provide encouragement and forgiveness for those who unable to.  This all can be done without being a fool, a doormat or overly naive.  Self-love is important too, but not to the level where it isolates you from your connection with humanity

My lesson for this week- help and encourage others – building up others will never tear me down.

4 thoughts on “Give a Helping Hand

    1. I’d like to say they are mine but that would be very egotistical of me! 🙂

      It’s really difficult to look within when you’re angry at the world- but once we see that we have control over the negative it can be liberating.

      I’ve been reading a lot about the ego lately, and how debilitating it can be to listen to it as your inner voice. I think it’s important to note on this site because when writing about my mother- our mother. As a small child we are so attached to our mothers – our parents – and as we grow older we find more satisfaction with being independent and apart. It’s only as we forget about our ego that we grow closer to those we love and who love us for real.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting- love you!


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