Finding My Way through Nemo

Hope everyone in Nemo’s path is safe and warm. I just took Super Beagle Trudy out for a walk and while the snowfall allowed me to experience strong feelings of solitude, peace and serenity, it also temporarily blinded me when my hood slipped off my head for a moment.  Wiping my eyes with my snow-caked sleeve didn’t help much. Luckily we only had to duck one plow and I had my trusty flashlight.  But this storm, like so many others, just amazes me with its power over all us earthlings.

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been putting the final touches on A Girl From the Hill and just uploaded it to the publisher. I designed a cover and I’d love to get feedback. What do you think?  If you can’t open this let me know…

A Girl from the Hill Cover Sample

My mother and I still have to sit and select the pictures, but once that’s done we’ll be ready.

And thanks to my friend Barbara Carroll, who helped me figure out what village my mother is most likely from – San Giovanni Incarico.  I have a few more details to confirm, but it’s so exciting to figure out where she’s from, especially because she wasn’t sure herself.  Here is a picture of the village from their website- yes they have their own website.

Breath-taking.  No Nemo there.  I am hoping I can visit this village as part of my “Italy at 50” Tour next summer, funding pending…


2 thoughts on “Finding My Way through Nemo

  1. Ann Bake

    Hi, my mother was born in San Giovanni Incarico. My name is Ann Bake and my mother is Civita Casale Ostarchvic. My mother is 91 and lives near me in New Port Richey, Fl. I am planning a trip to Italy in July and want to go to her hometown. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks! Ann


  2. Hi Ann. How lucky you are to be taking off for San Giovanni Incarico! I wish I had some off the top, but I could as my friend noted in the post about it, as well as the Italian American historical society of Rhode Island as there are quite a few Rhode Islanders from that villiage! Here is their website if you are interested

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!


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