Italian Coffee

Italian Coffee.

My friend Jovina strikes gold again with this post.  Coffee is almost a sacred drink to me, probably because I’m addicted to it.  But  after reading this, my 2014 resolution is now to drink better quality coffee, even if only on the weekends.  Dunkin Donuts serves me well, but coffee can be a heck of a lot better- don’t you think?

The Life and Adventures of Santa Rosalia, Patron Saint of Palermo

Italy-2131 - Chapel of Saint Rosalia

Italy-2131 – Chapel of Saint Rosalia (Photo credit: archer10 (Dennis))

Yes I am still Italian!

This story of Santa Rosalia is fascinating.  For those who enjoy Italian culture, I highly recommend her blog

The Life and Adventures of Santa Rosalia, Patron Saint of Palermo.

Making up for lost time— another great Italian food,and more, blog to follow


Sardinia (Photo credit: giannisl)

The time snowed in with Nemo has given me a chance to rest, recollect myself and get to blogging again.

Jovina liked one of my posts and when I checked out her site I got blown away.  Not only is it about Italian food, how to make and enjoy it, but also what it means to the people who live off it.  And a great tour of the area to boot.  So, history, Italy, eating, cooking …  I’m a follower!  Check our her post on Sardinia

Now I really want to make that trip in 2014!!

Finding My Way through Nemo

Hope everyone in Nemo’s path is safe and warm. I just took Super Beagle Trudy out for a walk and while the snowfall allowed me to experience strong feelings of solitude, peace and serenity, it also temporarily blinded me when my hood slipped off my head for a moment.  Wiping my eyes with my snow-caked sleeve didn’t help much. Luckily we only had to duck one plow and I had my trusty flashlight.  But this storm, like so many others, just amazes me with its power over all us earthlings.

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been putting the final touches on A Girl From the Hill and just uploaded it to the publisher. I designed a cover and I’d love to get feedback. What do you think?  If you can’t open this let me know…

A Girl from the Hill Cover Sample

My mother and I still have to sit and select the pictures, but once that’s done we’ll be ready.

And thanks to my friend Barbara Carroll, who helped me figure out what village my mother is most likely from – San Giovanni Incarico.  I have a few more details to confirm, but it’s so exciting to figure out where she’s from, especially because she wasn’t sure herself.  Here is a picture of the village from their website- yes they have their own website.

Breath-taking.  No Nemo there.  I am hoping I can visit this village as part of my “Italy at 50” Tour next summer, funding pending…


Tours d’Italia 2013

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a trip to Italy.  It’s been a dream of mine forever.  Becoming Italian Today is located in Rhode Island and specialize in Italian cooking classes and guided tours of Italy.

Perhaps I’ll take one of their classes- I hear they are fantastic.  So at least I can pretend I’m in Italy…

Matera, South Italy. How Beautiful is This??

Matera, South Italy..

Check out Mac’s site full of gorgeous pictures from around the world that will make your heart melt!