Damn the Weather, Man – Press This from Jennifer Butler Basile’s Chopping Potatoes

IceStormJen’s words perfectly describe how a lot of us New Englanders feel about this time of year, especially those of us who are struggling to live in the moment and not let anxiety get the best of us. Yes that’s me, especially as I pause between career opportunities (aka laid off).

Great writing Jen!

Damn the Weather, Man.

Two of My Favorite Celtics


English: Kevin Garnett playing with the Minnes...

English: Kevin Garnett playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This blog doesn’t usually cover sports figures. That I am a long time Celtics fan, a Kevin McHale fan and a Kevin Garnett fan doesn’t usually work its way up here.

But these are two men that I truly admire for their talent, their spirit and their perspective. McHale pretty much discovered KG and managed him through the first 12 years of his NBA career. They share a bond that runs deep.

McHale lost his daughter Sasha to Lupus earlier this year. For more about this brave and talented girl read here


KG provided comfort to Kevin McHale as best he could. And in light of the hideous act of horror that took place on Friday in Connecticut, the nightmare that I still can’t quite wake up from as a mother, as a parent, I thought that this display of love, compassion and comfort might touch the readers of this blog who may not be in tune with basketball, the Celtics and these two fine men the way that I am.


This story hits close to home in many ways. Holding back love and acceptance creates poison. It’s easy to do. But creating negative energy only backfires on its creator. Everyone out there holding a grudge should read this. And think hard about the future and what could be lost.

Justine Graykin

It’s been a rough couple of months. Losing the first cat wasn’t so bad (I wrote a nice article for the newspaper about that). The second cat was a lot harder (see the previous post). But that was nothing.  Nothing.

My brother-in-law called yesterday morning and told me my sister had died. I didn’t even know she was ill. Everyone else did. All her friends, the entire family, her church. Not me. Because she had expressly told them she didn’t want me to be told. They had their chance to visit her in the hospice where she lay dying of cancer. Not me. They begged her to let them tell me. She refused. Why?

Because I am an atheist.

It was her final gesture to me, her final retribution for my lack of belief in her god.

We had been estranged for a long time because I did not…

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Autumn Surrender

Autumn Surrender (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)


Debra’s blogpost hits home in so many ways. She is such a wonderful writer, with words that penetrate my heart and soul.

On the surface she blogs about a back injury. Underneath, it’s about living in the moment, even if that moment sucks, in order to break on through to the other side, so to speak.

And it’s about compassion not just for others, but for yourself. Yes YOU. So many of us are so hard on ourselves, and have unattainable expectations for ourselves. Guess what? Sometimes its okay to say I’m afraid, in pain and not in a good place. Sometimes that’s the only way to get out of that place at all. Surrender is, in her words…

having compassion for myself the same as I would have for anyone else…

Sounds easy, but I know so many people who are suffering right now, and while they are going through bad times are beating themselves and berating themselves. Why does this have to happen to me? What is wrong with me? What did I do wrong? I should have known better. Work/School/Life/Love (pick one) is always going to be miserable for me because of me.

I do it myself.

My wish is for all the people I love to find a way to surrender to the pain, and while living through it remember that they didn’t cause the pain. My prayer is that they move away from the pain and towards happiness.