Intolerance Towards Italian Americans- the Life Lessons of Us vs. Them

Editorial cartoon in "The Mascot" ne...
Editorial cartoon in “The Mascot” newspaper, New Orleans, 1888, harshly anti-Italian immigrant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An amazing story of how intolerance ingrained within our nation’s roots – even for Italian Americans.  I never knew about the New Orleans mass lynching of Italian Americans in 1851.  I don’t want to spread negativity but it’s important to understand these actions and beliefs from the past to help us frame the present and make a better future.

4 thoughts on “Intolerance Towards Italian Americans- the Life Lessons of Us vs. Them

  1. Just about every piece of our melting pot has experienced some form of bigotry, racism, negative stereotype, etc. I knew that was true for Italian Americans, but not to this degree.

    These events further prove that we are all the same- we all suffer persecution at one time or another. Knowing that should help us all be more compassionate to others.


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