Day 216 Question 216 – Who are you at your best? Your worst?


Day 216 Question 216.

I love sharing posts about how destructive the ego can be.  It’s what separates us from each other, separates us from God, separates us from all the love and positive energy that is ours in this world.

That’s not to say that being unique or an individual or true to yourself is bad.  It’s separating yourself from the rest of the world that’s damaging.  We all have our own unique talents, personalities, feelings.  We are all part of one big beautiful picture with different textures, colors and hues.

Diane’s post is personal but it speaks to everyone.

2 thoughts on “Day 216 Question 216 – Who are you at your best? Your worst?

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Once I learned that and truly accepted those words everything changed and the best me destroyed the worst me.
    These words will be with me all day, at the very least. Thank you for this beautiful pointing-toward!


  2. Deborah thank you- for tuning in and for responding. I admire the work you have done and hoping it catches fire for you soon so more people can share it.

    I agree that these words and this concept changed my life. I have learned that everyone is neurotic to a point but the difference between neurosis and pathology is insight. I am so thankful for my insight into my own weaknesses. I’m still trying to destroy all of the worst in me, but it’s so much easier now.

    Thank you again- for your insight



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