Thinking About Nothing is Everything

I just completed a much needed and very inspirational phone call with my book coach.  Hopefully she will not read this and see that already I am procrastinating about my next assignment.  But I needed to express this, for myself and anyone else who can hear me.  Thinking about Nothing is the most important thing …

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Ain’t nobody gonna steal my joy. Repost from Sethsnap

Ain't nobody gonna steal my joy.. I love that ain't keeps showing up in my posts.  Such a powerful word. I agree with Seth, and he does such a fantastic job expressing the sentiment in his photos May we all persevere, and let's just share our joy so it cannot be stolen. Related articles Digging for joy ( Don't …

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Riu Riu Chiu

Oh I love the Monkees. I was about 3 when this first aired. They are much older now, and Davy is gone. But I still love them, and they bring me to a place where at least for me, happiness and peace were abundant. Thank you Redtree Times. Enjoy!

Redtree Times

Monkees' Christmas 1967I was flipping around the channels last night, the final Christmas specials winding down as the holiday came to an end.  I ended up on an old Christmas episode of The Monkees from around 1967.  It was a show that I had loved as a kid of 8 or 9 and it had Butch Patrick, the kid who played Eddie Munster on the also adored The Munsters TV show, as a guest.  How bad could it be?

God awful. That’s how bad.

Luckily, I came in near the end but was amazed at how utterly terrible it had been  put together, almost to the point of being unwatchable.   The writing was bad and  the schtick, worse.  I began to wonder if all of those other things I loved as kid had aged so poorly.

But just as I was about to flip to anything else, the band came…

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Day 216 Question 216 – Who are you at your best? Your worst?

Day 216 Question 216. I love sharing posts about how destructive the ego can be.  It's what separates us from each other, separates us from God, separates us from all the love and positive energy that is ours in this world. That's not to say that being unique or an individual or true to yourself …

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30 Days of Self Esteem Day 3: Forgiveness

Jan Deelstra's premise works - "Letting go means living longer and healthier and happier.  If you must get even with the purveyor of betrayal, get even with the victimizer by living your best life, letting go of any attachment to the circumstances that you are now far beyond." Easy for me to say.  There is scientific proof (see blog …

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