Making up for lost time— another great Italian food,and more, blog to follow


Sardinia (Photo credit: giannisl)

The time snowed in with Nemo has given me a chance to rest, recollect myself and get to blogging again.

Jovina liked one of my posts and when I checked out her site I got blown away.  Not only is it about Italian food, how to make and enjoy it, but also what it means to the people who live off it.  And a great tour of the area to boot.  So, history, Italy, eating, cooking …  I’m a follower!  Check our her post on Sardinia

Now I really want to make that trip in 2014!!

Wicked Good Eats for Columbus Day – Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers

I have known Steve for over 40 years. We attended first grade, and all subseuent grades, together. He is not only an accomplished mechanical engineer and design manager, but he is, as we would say in our hometown of Johnston, Rhode Island, a wicked good cook. And a wicked good guy too.

His dad owned a restaurant and has passed on the talent. Check out all of his videos on youtube. And pay attention to Wolfie – he definitely reaps the benefits of Steve’s cooking!

Happy Columbus Day Everyone. 

It’s All About Food this Weekend-Broccoli Rabe,Anyone?

brocoli rabe at its prettiest

brocoli rabe at its prettiest (Photo credit: bgblogging)

My mother makes great rabe. So does my sister.

And I want to like it. It’s trendy even.

I may just try this recipe. It looks easy enough. Another good Christmas Eve dish.

Thanks Maria at prouditaliancook

Delicious Squid Salad with Ginger Sauce


Squid (Photo credit: Scott Beale)

Delicious Squid Salad with Ginger Sauce

As I posted on this blog, I want to add this to the family Christmas Eve feast. Take a look!

The Family Food Cart

Sausage and Peppers Sandwich

Author Ann Hood’s parents’ culinary business venture of the 70’s.  A wonderful read, plus the site’s pretty cool too…